Sunday, December 6, 2009

tinyMCE is not defined

Sometimes while integrating tinymc to your site the following error

will come

"tinyMCE is not defined"

The main reason for this error is

Ther folder path you given is incorrect


Correct the path


  1. In my case, the folder path was entirely correct, yet sometimes tiny_mce.js failed to load.

    I added a check to jquery.tinymce.js's ajax success callback to reload tiny_mce.js if tinemce is undefined. That works. Sometimes it tried to load tiny_mce.js twice, and the second time it works fine.

  2. Old thread, but this stumped me earlier.

    The folder path was fine, as mcv said, however from what I can gather tiny_mce.js hadn't finished loading by the time tiny_mce_options.js wanted to call the function.

    I just copied the contents of tiny_mce_options.js and pasted it to the end of tiny_mce.js and it worked fine.

  3. tiny_mce_options.js is not available in my js folder tiny_mce_dev.js is there