Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Operation aborted , , lightbox , javascript , ie6 , jquery

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://.com. Operation aborted.

When doing websites sometimes the error occur as

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://.com. Operation aborted.

After clicking Ok the website will become timout. Here we are discussing why this error is comming?. and how to resolve this error.

The easiest way to fix this problem is upgrade bowser to ie8. In ie8 the problem will not occure. To upgragrade browser visit the following website. (

The problem occures because the child container HTML element trying to modify parent by using either innerhtml or appendchild method. For example a div which is in the body tag and having script which is trying to modify the body element.

In case of using lightbox and jquery this error may come then the simple solution is put the lightbox javascript and css files just before closing body

And if you wants to turnoff friendly http messages follow the following steps

1. Open the internet explorer

2. On tools menu click internet options.

3. On advanced tab clear show freindly http messages checkbox.

4. Close the browser

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prototype.js in lightbox or thickbox conflicts with jquery.js,javascript,,solution

Before discussing about the problem we have to see wt is jquery is and what is prototype is.jQuery emerged as solution for cross platform rich media applications. A featured content gallery , image sliders are few examples of the jquery.

A fast, concise, library that simplifies how to traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add AJAX.

Prototype provides class-style Object Oriented and AJAX, freely distributable under the terms of an MIT-style license. Prototype are used with image manipulations and galleries and slitter differ from the Jquery.

When doing one blog application i have to use both of these libraries. But thre are conflicts between these two. These two libraries will clash each other if we use them in same page.

The reason for clash is the shortcut using for Jquery ie $. The solutions for these problem are discussing below.

1. Override the $-function

The first solution is override these $ with jQuery.noConflict(). This is achieved by use this override function at the header below the jquery tag.

2. Use 'Jquery' instead of $ in the html page

This is the simple way ie avoid jquery shortcut $ and use the keyword JQuery itself


Accessing controls created dynamically in using or

Accessing controls created dynamically in using or

An important programmers should know is how to create controls dynamically and after creating how to access them. Here we are describing these two things shorly.

Creating Controls dynamically

Here we are descibing how to create a textbox and added to a div

div should be

TextBox txt= new TextBox();"Txt1";

How To Findcontrol

See the below example how to find the added textbox and setting text to it

TextBox txt=((TextBox)div1.FindControl("Txt1");
txt.Text="Found U";

If You want to add attributes



Sunday, December 6, 2009

tinyMCE is not defined

Sometimes while integrating tinymc to your site the following error

will come

"tinyMCE is not defined"

The main reason for this error is

Ther folder path you given is incorrect


Correct the path

Could not find the TinyMCE engine installed at

Could not find the TinyMCE engine installed at tinymce/

The above error message is usual when trying to implement tinyMC editor in

your website. The cause and reasons are going to explain in this blog


You did't download and install the tinymce engine in tinymce/


You need to download and install the tinymce engine

in tinymce/

After downloading->extract and you will have \tinymce_2_1_1_1\tinymce

Copy->paste the folder to sites\all\tinymce or whever you have placed tinyce

The patch of the engine should be sites\tinymce\tinymce

The first tinymce directory is the drupal module and the second is the engine

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Vertical align in Mozilla firefox is not working

Set Vertical align in different IE and MOZILLA

When i was working in ASP.Net and i had some needs to use

JQuery news ticker. In that case vertical align in different browsers was

big problem. And finally i arranged both IE and mozilla in vertical align



In IE6 just Vertical-Align = "middle"; is enough


Mozilla we have to consider some factors to get valign center

The style i used is